Nirikshea means HOPE and we are a registered Charitable Organization working among the poverty stricken communities in the city of Bangalore, India.  Providing , education, nutrition, and medical assistance. We are a voice of hope, life, restoration, healing and justice, restoring the rights of children and breaking the cycle of illiteracy and poverty.
In a world filled with hopelessness and despair we are bringing hope and building lives. Nirikshea provides free holistic education to every child, this is inclusive of two meals, all supplies, uniforms,(including socks and shoes.) These previously malnourished children, who were receiving only one meal per day, now receive a warm nutritious oats porridge breakfast and a lunch of vegetables, pulses, fruit, egg and rice.
They are taught an amazing curriculum, receiving instruction in two local languages and English. The medium for all other subjects is English. We teach Phonics, Language Arts, Reading, Writing, Spelling, and Math, as well as Science, Art, Music, Dance and P.E.

Nirikshea reaches far beyond the walls of a building and is greatly affecting the entire community. Our doors open twice a month to host a free local clinic where a team of doctors and nurses come and volunteer their time and energy to care for the poor providing check-ups ,immunizations, medicine and additional assistance where it is needed.

Parents are also given instruction on a monthly basis by the staff at Nirikshea and great things are happening in the lives of those who attend the school and benefit from free health care.

Volunteer Testimonials
“This place is a light shinning in the darkness. There is a lot of darkness in Bangalore. Nirikshea is like a big ray of sunshine. I’m just grateful to have been part of it.”
Dorothy Shafer – Works in Special Ed, United States
“The difference that Nirikshea is making is literally the most beautiful thing that I have ever witnessed in my life! These children are the future hope of India!”
Wendy Rexroth – United States
“These children are going to change generations to come. Through this education they are going to take their families out of poverty. They will no longer be brides at 13. They will be able to educate their own children. The cycle of poverty is being broken here at Nirikshea.”
Julie Nelson – Teacher, United States