Testimonies from Friends who volunteered:
It has been a blessing to have experienced the outpouring of love at Nirikshea school, their Children are nourished, educated and supported in the blessed Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Praying to the Lord to continue to lead and grow Nirikshea so that many more will come to experience God’s plan to give them hope and a future.
Azelia: Australia.
Testimonies from Friends who visited Nirikshea:
When i first visited Nirikshea, i was overwhelmed with the strength of the students, their maturity and good manners. It was hard to believe that their smiling faces and eager learners that jumped at the opportunity to help us or their teachers came from such difficult situations. Day after day they continued to impress with their talents being put to use and their academics on display. At Nirikshea they not only have the opportunity to learn but truly thrive in all aspects of their abilities, from the normal school subjects like math, science, reading and writing, to dance, art and music. The warm smiles and loving personalities captured my heart completely.
Sharilyn Margulis: USA
We had the privilege of visiting Nirikshea through our Partnership with Heart of the Bride and left in pure awe of the work God is doing there. Spending time with the incredible students showed us how Nirikshea has transformed their lives through ‘hope’ and given them a future both on earth and for eternity. Children whose background stories would break your souls were ecstatic to show you a glimpse of their lives and their transformed hearts. After getting to know Grace, the School’s founder, better during her visit to the US, we can’t wait to see what God has in store for Nirikshea’s future and look forward to continuing to work with them year after year.
Drew Margulis: USA

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