Our Programs
Nirikshea teaches the children from Preschool onwards. In our current year of admission we have 165 children. Last year we had 124 children in the school. The children are feed breakfast and lunch as part of the program. The children are given uniforms and shoes. Teachers from the United States have helped to in designing the education curriculum. Most of the children are reading, writing and speaking in English by first grade. They are also doing math, history, science and art as well as dance.


The Clinic
We have partnered with a hospital to come with doctors and nurses
three times a month and provide free medical checkups and medicine for the families of Nirikshea as well as the other members from the slum community. This outreach has proven to be huge in reaching out to community and changing their lives. Through the clinic they are learning the importance of hygiene and what they must do to stay healthy and keep their children from dying at a young age. They are also learning how critical it is to get medical care and vaccinations for their children. In more serious cases, where more medical attention is needed through the clinic at Nirikshea they can be referred to the hospital and receive up to an 80% discount off of the rates.


Awareness Programs
Awareness Programs are a critical part of Nirikshea’s process. These programs are for the parents. At an Awareness Program parents attend and learn the importance of education for their children. For many the children are the first in the family to receive a formal education at all. They are also taught about hygiene for them and their children. Here they learn about what signs to look for and how to stop sexual abuse of the children. Parents are also educated about birth control and what steps to take once they decide to stop having more kids. One of the most important things parents learn at the Awareness Programs is that God loves them and cares for them. Many mothers are brought to tears upon learning about the love of God. Fathers are also taught how they are to be good role models for their children. Because so many of Nirikshea’s fathers have drinking problems this issue is also addressed and support is given for fathers looking for help.


Volunteer Testimonials
“This is more than a school its more like a community center. They have a clinic and they reach out to the parents… its fantastic.”
Dorothy Shaffer – Works in Special Ed, United States

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