Bringing Hope, Building Lives

Our mission is to start a chain of pre-schools across the city that will feed into our continuing education program.It is our goal to reach out to those in poverty as we simultaneously teach them the value and importance of education and of the rights of a child. We also teach the children the importance of returning to their communities to give back what they have received.As we strive to achieve this it is our intent to involve likeminded people who share in this vision to partner with us by investing in the lives of these poor children and their communities.

Our Vision
Our vision is to break the cycle of illiteracy and poverty among the children from the poorest communities by providing for their needs and giving them an opportunity to receive both early and continuing education.

Volunteer Testimonials
“It’s so nice to see the kids happy. They are preparing a better future for the children. They are learning good values here at Nirikshea, to love and to have a future dream for your life. We have seen a lot of schools and this is the best we have seen so far.”
Fergie – Student, Germany


“All the children are learning so fast… it is so sweet to see them pray. They all seem so happy when they are here. It’s a great place for them to be themselves and enjoy.”
Hannah – Student, England

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