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Bringing Hope, Building Lives

Our children come from among the poorest communities in Bangalore. Up to 20 people have been found to be living in a cramped one room situation, with no running water or toilets, in very unhygenic conditions.Many come from broken homes, all come from a most challenging mode of survival! There is an overwhelming amount of domestic violence, abuse, alcoholism, and malnutrition. Many of the children are forced, by their parents, into child labor, sex traficing, and early marriages, due to the extreme poverty. Nirikshea is creating change and a new way of life, with your help these children can have hope for a bright future.

Volunteer Testimonials
“These children are going to change generations to come. Through this education they are going to take their families out of poverty. They will no longer be brides at 13. They will be able to educate their own children. The cycle of poverty is being broken here at Nirikshea.”
Julie Nelson – Teacher, United States

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